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Come for two high-impact days of TECHSPO New York 2022, from May 13th to 14th, 2015. Meet the “who’s who” in the Digital Technology Community, gain new insights and share ideas with fellow web business pros. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a digital technology expert, TECHSPO New York 2022 will give you the latest strategies and information to increase your own knowledge and grow your business through digital marketing.

Check out some of the killer line-up of presentations and speakers below. They’ll get you excited and leave you wishing it was May already!

Harness the Power of Inbound Technology & Kick-Start Your Content Technology Strategy
Marcus Sheridan, Founder, The Sales Lion
Marcus will offer insights on the power of inbound technology and online content. In this presentation Marcus will discuss; What inbound technology is and how can it revolutionize the way you do business, how to build your brand and become the voice of your industry through content marketing, easy strategies to come up with tons of awesome content, quickly and effectively, how to integrate content technology into your entire sales process to grow your business and ways to dominate your competition through blogging.
EyeSea SolutionsContent as the Center of Power for You and Your Organization
Mark Schaefer, Executive Director, Schaefer Technology Solutions
In this fast-paced and entertaining keynote presentation, Mark Schaefer discusses his research into how power and influence have changed in the online world. He’ll reveal how you can make these new realities work for you, your company and brand.
Search ExperiencesA New Generation of Branded Search
Aaron Polmeer, Chief Executive Officer, Search Experiences
Aaron Polmeer will give an entrepreneurial perspective on the opportunities and benefits for companies to brand ‘web search’ the number one activity performed daily online by their customers. Attendees will learn what branded search is, how it is activated and how it can be monetized, while increasing and retaining web traffic online for any company website.
socialmediaexplorerHow to Measure Social Media : Developing and Assessing Social Media ROI
Nichole Kelly, CEO, Social Buzz TV
This presentation shows you how to take social media ROI to the next level with simple step-by-step techniques for creating measurable strategies and getting the data to prove they deliver.
emarketingassociationMobile Technology Tips & Best Practices
Kevin Lee, Chairman, eTechnologyAssociation
As Chairman of the e-TechnologyAssociation Kevin Lee guides the Association’s efforts in education, professional development, certification and legislation for companies engaged in e-marketing. Kevin will share the latest mobile technology tips and best practices from research conducted by the eTechnologyAssociation and taught in it’s new Mobile Technology Certification course.